Photo of staff at Arrowleaf Food Choice Pantry.

We are so proud of our Board Chair, Sherrie Crabb and her incredible team at Arrowleaf for the work that they are doing in Southern Illinois!

This month, Arrowleaf opened a new “client choice” food pantry in Cairo, Illinois.

The pantry gives individuals and families the opportunity to “shop” around the food pantry and choose the items they need. The pantry is accessible 5 days a week to anyone residing in the southern seven counties of Illinois. No documentation or personal information is required to use the food pantry. The “client choice” food pantry is designed to emphasize dignity and respect for the individuals and families in need of food.

Arrowleaf partnered with the Tri-State Food Bank and many others to open the food pantry in Cairo, a city that became a food desert in 2015 after several grocery stores closed. In an interview for The Southern Illinoisan, Arrowleaf CEO Sherrie Crabb shared the vision for the client choice food pantry and the commitment to the residents of Cairo, Illinois.

“We are dedicated to this region and more specifically Cairo,” Crabb said. “As we build on and grow our programs here we’ll make sure our community knows we are here to stay and that we are not going to leave them when things start to get rough. We were here during the housing crisis. We were here during the Budget Impasse. We’re here during COVID. We’re going to be here for many years to come because many of us that work here are resilient individuals. I think that is something we have in common with people that live here in Cairo.”

Read the full article and learn more about Arrowleaf’s new client choice food pantry here.

Photo credit: Arrowleaf


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