Reframing Aging

Everyone should have access to the health and human services we need to thrive and be vital members of our communities as we age. To create successful and equitable aging we need systemic change driven by inclusive policies, holistic programs, community education, and bold advocacy. This new narrative is an essential component to reaching these goals. Our workshops are based on research conducted by Frameworks Institute and are part of a national movement to Reframe Aging, an effort led by our partners at the National Center to Reframe Aging.

We offer in person and virtual workshops that can be tailored for your community or organization. Technical assistance is also available to support you to enact and build on this important work.


Training Catalog

Core Strategies for Reframing Aging

Embracing the Dynamic of Aging. The way we communicate impacts how people understand and act on our message. We need to understand traditional public thinking, how to avoid narratives that cue negative perceptions, and ways to frame more accurate messages that resonate with your audience. Learn research-based strategies to tell complete stories of aging, best practices for communicating to confront ageism, and examples of how to implement reframing aging within human service programs.


Intersectionality and Equity in Aging

The Impact of Systemic Oppression and Intersecting Identities. The experience of aging is deeply impacted by systemic oppression and marginalization of people based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and many other identities. To ensure solutions that work for everyone, we must remedy these disparaties and inequitable access to resources. This training will introduce concepts of intersectionality and equity, present strategies for how to incorporate an equitable framework, and share examples of programs already using the framework.


Crafting Stories About Well-Being and Aging

Centering the Human Experience in Narratives. Human service programs use stories in numerous ways, but in order to ensure that messages are clear and strong, they must be delivered in a consistent manner that aligns with the core principles of reframing. Learn the components of a well-framed story arc for human services and aging, communication strategies for constructive storytelling, and examples of stories we need to tell in the human services sector.


Reframing Aging in Practice (the Deep Dive)

A Supplemental Session to Dig Deeper into Reframing. Learning a new approach takes ongoing practice and reflection in community with others. This supplemental session takes you even further into the work, offering additional examples of reframed narratives to consider and activities to practice applying reframing aging strategies into messaging and communications.


Technical assistance is available after each training session to answer questions, address challenges, or assist participants with new communication materials. Please reach out to Katherine Cavanaugh, Training Manager, to learn more.


Resource Library

We offer a library of resources and tools to help change the narrative about human services and aging. Visit the Resource Library



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Our Reframing Aging Initiative training was made possible through a generous grant from RRF Foundation for Aging.