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Illinois Partners Policy and Advocacy Agenda



Leading efforts to fully fund human services to ensure that all Illinoisans reach their full potential and have access to a sector that is equitable, sustainable and speaks with a collective voice.

Policy Goal: Robust Public Investment

Priority: Increased State Government Efficiency and Investment in Human Services

Advocacy Goal: Collective Power

Priority: A More Equitable Illinois

Increased State Investment: Capital Grant Program and Minimum Wage

Demonstrating through our research the case for increased funding to vital human service programs. Advocate for increased funding by informing the legislature of infrastructure priorities within the Human Services Capital Grant Program and pushing for full funding of the minimum wage.

Census Outreach

A fair and accurate count is essential to ensuring Illinois gets necessary resources and support for vital programs, such as human services. Human service providers are on the front lines of serving hard-to-count communities every day – we are focused on mobilizing our partners throughout the state to promote an accurate count in Illinois.

Increased State Efficiency: Medicaid/MCOs and GATA

We seek reform in cases of undue administrative burden, and shed light on the way this hampers providers’ ability to carry out programming. We advocate for increased efficiency by demonstrating the need for provider support in Medicaid reimbursement and managed care, and education and reform of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA).

Fair Tax Education

The graduated income tax amendment is vital to creating a more equitable tax system, and increasing our state budget to cover human service programs. We are conducting outreach and education with our coalition partners to demonstrate the importance of the Fair Tax in Illinois.

How We're Taking Action:

1. Conduct a survey of Human Services Capital Needs.
2. Advocate for full funding of minimum wage, including wage compression for FY21 state budget.
3. Advocate for a state-funded Medicaid Technical Assistance Center, in partnership with ICOY.
4. Collaborate with DHS for continued education and training on GATA; communicate administrative burdens it places on providers to GOMB.

How We're Taking Action:

1. Through advocacy and outreach around Census 2020 we will contribute to an increase in statewide response rates.
2. Conduct presentations and activate our coalition partners to become advocates of the fair tax while supporting coordinated efforts to ensure the Fair Tax ballot measure passes in the 2020 election.
3. Produce regional economic impact studies while ensuring our approach to data collection is intersectional.

Equity Matters

State funding for human services has been cut nearly in half over the past 20 years. This has impacted providers’ ability and capacity to build community well-being and deepened inequity across the state. Our state government was designed to build healthier communities. It should be the primary source of funding for the delivery of human services and is best positioned to leverage economies of scale to improve a myriad of equitable outcomes for Illinois residents.

Equity Matters

Illinois Partners believes that everyone benefits from a just and equitable society. The issues facing our communities, particularly income disparity, are historically systemic and wide reaching and disproportionately affect communities of color. We are committed to collaborating with policymakers, public agencies, educators, health care providers, researchers and for-profit corporations to achieve holistic solutions that benefit all communities.

State of Illinois Budget

We closely monitor the State of Illinois budget and other General Assembly action, partner with leading policy experts and trade associations to provide human service organizations with real time information and in-depth analysis, and communicate the budget’s impact to the sector.

The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) website includes interactive budget information and budget books.

For the State’s payment backlog tracker,  special fiscal reports as well as a vendor portal including human services organizations, see the Illinois Comptroller website. The Civic Federation provides information and reports about the state budget and Medicaid.

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Human services matter to ALL of us.

Our sector ensures that we have the essential elements to build and maintain our physical, emotional, and economic well-being at every phase of life.