Our new report, Gauging the Gap, is based on Illinois Partners’ statewide research to investigate the correlation between workforce challenges and the sector’s capacity to meet community needs.

We asked:
• What is the true demand for services providers are seeing?
• Do human service organizations have the capacity to meet this demand?
• How is demand expected to change in the next 5 years?

Gauging the Gap, top of report cover.

This research aims to provide insight into the actual gap between capacity and demand and to build upon previous recommendations to stabilize the sector so that all Illinoisans have access to the services they need to reach their full potential.

Our key findings:
• Nearly all organizations surveyed spend 50% or more of their operating expenses on salaries and benefits, while almost half of the organizations spend 70% or more.
• The average turnover rate is more than 21% for the majority of organizations; nearly 80% of the organizations are experiencing turnover rates greater than 16%. More than half of organizations have a vacancy rate of 11% or more.
• Based on 24 service-specific responses, on average, 15 additional full time employees (FTE) are needed for organizations with waitlists to fill their capacity gap. This is in addition to these organizations filling all open positions.
• The cost to fill this capacity gap, on average, is $661,200 per organization.
• Funding – and lack thereof – has the most impact on operations, recruiting, and workforce.

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