our shared human story

Our Shared Human Story

Launched in 2018, Illinois Partners’ Our Shared Human Story awareness campaign aims to change the perception of human services, promote equity and demonstrate the value of our sector.

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3 Reasons Why It Matters

1. Lasting impact of funding shortages.

Over the past 10 years funding cuts have forced thousands of Illinois nonprofits to cancel programs, layoff staff and close their doors.

2. Contributions to the economy.

Human services are a major contributor to the Illinois economy. The sector’s total annual economic impact to our state: $4.5 billion

3. Benefit to society.

Engaged, thriving communities equipped with the resources to weather life’s storms benefit local businesses, the state’s economy, public health, education, safety, and security.

Who is Illinois Partners?

Illinois Partners for Human Service is the largest shared voice of human service organizations across the state with coalition partners in every county and legislative district. More than 800 coalition partners rely on the power of our unified voice for collective advocacy to protect funding and fair policies for human services. We are a trusted source of context and information for influential leaders and nonprofits across the state.

3 Ways You Can Help

1. Spread the Word

2. Invite us to Your Next Meeting

Our team will provide research and information on the sector’s value with your organization and members of your network, including key businesses, local chambers of commerce and civic leaders. Contact info@illinoispartners.org for more information.

3. Tell Us Why You Do It

We want to share your story and demonstrate your organization’s impact on society. Send us photos of your clients or your team and a brief description of your community impact to info@illinoispartners.org.

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