Our Impact


Human Services Matter to ALL of us.

Resilience is fundamentally necessary to do this work. Our coalition partners are continuously adapting to build the well-being of Illinois communities every day, and more importantly, they mobilize in the midst of crisis.

Learning from the resilience of our coalition partners drives us to tirelessly engage with our statewide network, legislators, and experts to address the needs of all human services, eradicate systemic racism, and share vital research, information, and services with our coalitionand our state’s most important resource, the residents of Illinois.

What We’re Doing

Amplifying your stories, challenges, and successes to people in power.

Holding our leaders accountable.

Providing testimony to state leaders.

Conversations with elected leaders.

‘Illinois Partners’ leadership, expertise, and high level perspective help develop a strong infrastructure for human services in Illinois.

- Bill Brady

Illinois Senate Minority Leader, Senate District 44, Bloomington, Illinois

Illinois Partners gave us tools to be able to talk about the people we serve; it makes it easier to talk about our greater mission, and not just about their vulnerability.

- Doug Schenkelberg

Executive Director, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Chicago, Illinois

I appreciate when legislators or consultants are on the call because they offer insight into what to expect at the state level. It helps us to better prepare ourselves for what action steps we need to take regarding advocacy or our own internal budget scenarios.

- Shea Haury

Executive Director, ComWell, Red Bud, Illinois

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Human services matter to ALL of us.